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catboytrades, May 20th, 2010, 11:45 pm ( Reply )

An Important Message.. - An Important Message..

Hey there everyone. Kenneth here. Just want to make a statement about something. Yesterday was "Draw A Cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad Day"

and I took part in it. This was my contribution to it. For those of you that don't know this was originially started by a woman in Seattle.

Then backed off due to heat she was getting from extremists. I, myself, feel that freedom of speech is important and those of us that live in

the United States of America get to do alot of that. However we are censored by alot of things due to pressure from special interest groups and


Matt Stone and Trey Parker got alot of heat due to their episodes "200" and "201" where the prophet Muhammad was shown first as a black bar and

everyone was able to say his name to the next episode the black bar was still there to block the image but now everyone was having the name

bleeped out. Now there had already been an episode where Muhammad was shown with the "Super Best Friends".

The episodes got alot of heat and comedy central pulled the episodes. Which sucks because some people missed the episodes and we finally got to

see who Cartman's father was, thanks to Mitch Connor and Mr. Hat.

When I hear of people threatening others with death and violence because of something silly like a drawing or a joke then I feel ill. I really

do. When I see those people screaming their heads off that Harry Potter is the devil's work or that the world is going to hell because of one

group of people or another I just shake my head. Let people think that. It is your right to think whatever you want. But it is not your right

to make someone else think the way you do. Unless that person is trying to do something to hurt someone else.

Like I said in the last panel most religions are based off one simple thing. We have known this since we were little kids. The golden rule.

"Treat others how you wish to be treated."

I try to live that rule in my life.

And when I hear something funny I laugh.

Because that is what you do to something that is funny. You laugh.

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