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catboytrades, November 12th, 2009, 8:37 pm ( Reply )

Dear Godfather... - We all have that person that we dare not go to when we have problems... Hours' person is Carl. Hours has never liked Carl. Honestly he didn't like Carl the moment that he knew that Carl wanted to date Hours' sister, Katrice. Before Hours found that out he actually liked the guy... hung out with him and just had a really good time with him. Until one day when Carl, Trades, and Hours were out on the front lawn and Katrice walked by and made a comment on how cute Carl was. Everyone laughed but Hours watched Carl... they were still friends but he kept his eye on Carl.

Now you would expect the next time he got angrier at Carl was because of asking Hours if he could date Katrice... nope. Carl became Hours' nemesis when Hours came home and found Carl and Katrice together on a date at a resturant... at first Hours was angry because they didn't invite him for the food. THen when he saw the two kiss...

Well lets just say that was the day that Hours and Carl was banned from the resturant for life... If you go there you can still see the claw marks in some of the wood that they managed to salvage from the fight.

Now that Carl is marrying Katrice things have softened.... enough so that Carl is safe from being hurt too badly by his future brother in law.

Also I want to apologize for lack of update on wednesday... I was dealing with some stuff from having to go back to the dentist for the same tooth they fixed the week of halloween. Yeah... they put in a temp cap that was to last a whole 3 months... it lasted 2 weeks. So this time they did it right and I had a little meds still in me for the rest of the day. So I am sorry for no update wednesday... next week we will have regular updates... the week of thanksgiving however I do not know. For I will be in Nebraska for the entire week to be with someone very special to me.

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