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catboytrades, July 2nd, 2009, 10:30 pm ( Reply )

Happy 4th Everyone... - For those of us in America this Saturday is the 4th of July.
This means people will be doing BBQs.... taking the family out to watch fireworks...

Though for me usually it is going down to the Yakama Native Reservation to see my folks.. light fireworks... then run as fast as I can. Then checking the ones that haven't gone off yet by picking them up and looking right at the fuse.

What? Haven't lost a hand so far and I have been doing it for nearly 20 years. Though there was that one year the Saturn Missles fell over and nearly put 50 holes in me... or the year the Festival Ball launcher fell over and shot right under the cars... or the year that I nearly got my shoes burned off because of the Ground Bloom Flowers that I lit all at once in a patch of dry weeds... or the year that I nearly got shot by some guy because I was on my grandfather's land and he didn't know that I was my grandfather's grandson.

Or the year that the Tribe didn't know the right kind of fireworks to set off for the first year of the Casino being open so they got some that were so loud they shook the window panes in my house nearly 3 miles away...

I like the 4th. ^_^ Keeps me on my toes. lol

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